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this game is so sweet

its a good game but when a tree gets cut down its just AAAAAAH plus when the forest gets big its hard to find the lumberjacks  but other then that its great. its nice to just plant trees, I think you should add some more recruits like mr beast or something

Simple but creative, satisfying gameplay, clean visuals and audio. Clear thematic direction, everything fits the style. On gameplay:

A "hit" indicator would be helpful, late game I found myself struggling to discern where the enemy had made it to a tree. 

I would have appreciated a slight amount of camera control, but that may come down to taste.

Early game is a bit monotonous, I would have enjoyed the enemy spawn rate being a little steeper.

Hi score: 50,000 ish I think?

All said and done, good job, I'd recommend this for a nice little time-killer.

Super chill. Something you can play and just turn your brain off for a while. The music and the art style work really well to reinforce the pace and mood of the gameplay.


I enjoyed it for what it was. Good job.

To improve playability time, you should consider having some more powerful unlockable recruits that cost up to the thousands of points.


Thanks for your feedback!